Stewart Vickers

I'm a digital marketer and just a bit of a geek when it comes to finance and entrepreneurship. In this blog I share my approach to generating wealth, both successful and unsuccessful, and hope you too can achieve more time, choice and freedom through finance.

Monese Review

Looking for an unbiased, detailed Monese review from a real user? Since its establishment in 2013, Monese, like its peers such as Monzo, N26, and Revolut, has successfully redefined how the traditional banking system operates. Headquartered in London, United Kingdom, the company is a provider of instant current account and money-transfer services. Monese serves the …

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How To Invest Money UK

Looking for how to invest money UK? Well congratulations! You are already in the minority who have even considered investing and are looking to build a better and safer financial future. When you invest money you are trying to achieve two things: hedging against inflation and capital growth. What does that mean? Supposing you had …

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Freetrade review

This is not going to be a Freetrade review like any others you have read. I must confess to being somewhat of a Freetrade evangelist, although I’ll definitely highlight some flaws with the platform. How I Discovered Freetrade I have always wanted to invest in the stock market. Buy low, sell high – how difficult …

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How To Buy Shares

Investing in the stock market is widely believed to be one of the best methods of generating wealth. However, everyone knows horror stories of the risks of losing money in the stock market. Many have lost whole fortunes in a very short period of time. What is the difference between shares and stocks? This confusing …

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