Genuine Work From Home Jobs UK

Have you ever fallen for the work from home ideal – sat in your nice house with some artisanal coffee and a macbook, perfectly balancing family and work?

As you’ve probably noticed, its a lot harder than stock images and novel writers make it appear.

Finding genuine work from home jobs UK is tough. Many examples you hear about pay you just pennies. Great if your a student with your bills covered by funding, a low cost of living and a need of just a bit of beer money.

But if you are trying to pay your own bills then you’re going to need something a lot more effective. A lot of remote work from home jobs mean you’re competing with people in countries like the Phillipines or Thailand where the cost of living is lower than the UK and yet plenty of skilled workers live there. That means they can be much cheaper.

For that reason you need to be very smart about finding genuine work from home jobs UK.

Your Situation

The very first step you should take is to consider exactly what kind of role you are looking for. If you are a student or are taking maternity leave then the chances are you just need something to keep you occupied and keep a bit of money coming in.

On the other hand, if you truly believe you can only work from home from now on then it pays to make a career out of it.

A lot of genuine work from home jobs UK are purely mechnical. Surveys, data-entry and similar roles are just about performing a task as efficiently as possible. People do make careers out of this but its hard work and relies on constantly grinding.

For the best opportunitites in working from home you need to develop yourself as a business. Become a master in your field and do something requiring specialist knowledge.

With this system you can build up powerful systems where you may well end up hiring other people to perform repetitive tasks while you focus on the top-level strategy.

This is more like consulting and running a business. That may not be what you want, but do you really want the a work from home job that just relies on grinding day in and day out the same mechanical task?

Build yourself a business (and freelancing is still a business) and you can control your time and money. That is the aim of financial freedom. Otherwise you are just earning a salary and might as well commute to a cubicle every day.

But that takes a lot of time – as in years – to get established. We’ve included everything here in this list of genuine work from home jobs for the UK. But keep in mind: am I looking for something to help me out in the short term, or do I have time to build an independent means of income?

My Story

I’ll keep this brief because I don’t like self-righteous bloggers who inflate their own egos. But this is relevant to me.

At the end of my first year of university I was looking for any job. In fact, I got scouted in the street and invited to an interview for a commission-based double glazing jobs.

The fact I even considered the offer – when the interview room was full of teenagers still in school scouted off the street like I was – just shows how eager I was to start making money. Thankfully I declined because it was such a dodgy proposition.

But a few weeks later I got a job as a content writer for a high end men’s accessories brand.

It paid £7 an hour. And it wasn’t a volume game. When I had finished one piece over a few hours I had made about £30. It would be a week or two before I got another brief to work on.

But it was a start. When I needed more money I got a job at an online magazine startup, and then things really started to grow. When I graduated I went straight into a digital marketing position at an insurance company.

But I maintained my content writing background and now run a variety of websites that give me a side income. In fact, this is one of them. So if you are reading this and are looking for genuine work from home jobs in the UK then take it from me – you can find opportunities that grow and allow you to skill up, until you find what you love and start generating your own passive income.

Genuine Work From Home Jobs UK

Content Writing

Content writing offers a huge opportunity. I’m biased because that’s how I started while still a student. In fact you’re probably wondering what I even mean by content writing.

The internet is powered by content. Your here on my website because of content. Google loves it. Facebook loves it. Any business that has a digital presence needs content to be anything more than a few pages of a website. The best online businesses have hundreds of pages of useful content to give people a reason to come to them.

You can write in a certain way that means Google is more likely you show your work on page 1.

I’m writing this piece now because I identified that lots of people search for “genuine work from home jobs UK”. This is called search engine optimisation – or SEO. If you’re reading this right now after searching that or a similar search term then it works.

With search engine-optimised content, businesses can get lots of traffic for free. Suppose you sold pest control equipment online. You would want to show up on searches like “how to get rid of bed bugs” so that people found your article and bought your products that answered their problem.

To get that they need a lot of content and plenty will outsource it to freelance writers.

If you’re in the UK then you already have a significant advantage if you are a native UK speaker because you have mastered the biggest language in the world and can hopefully write it with a good degree of accuracy.

Sign up for a freelancer marketplace like Upwork, Fiverr or iWriter and you can quickly start getting gigs. Set your pricing based on your ability. When I’m hiring writers for my websites, I find I’m often paying nearly what I make in my day job so good freelance writers can definitely charge enough to make a career out of it.

Matched Betting

Have you heard of the FIRE movement? It means financial independence, retire early. But what gets me about a lot of them is while the authors don’t do a desk job they often grind through really tedious jobs in order to apparently “not have to work”.

Matched betting is one of those, but it can pay off big. It’s a hard constant grind but people who do it (and anyone can do it) can make a sustainable income from it.

Essentially matched betting works by looking for the offers that bookmakers offer to encourage people to gamble. This is normally free bets. Matched betting is a system of placing a free bet that’s on offer and then going to a betting exchange like Betfair and betting against your own bet. That means the result is 0. But as your initial bet wasn’t your own money, your 0 actually results in you making money.

It’s hard work. You have to sign up to lots of different betting sites and you will end up with your money spread across lots of them. You need to use spreadsheets to keep track.

As for the bets, that’s actually the easy part. There are websites and software providers dedicated to matched betting. Sign up to a few of these and you will get instructions for matched betting delivered daily to your inbox.

Affiliate Marketing

Remember what I said about writing search engine optimised content? Some people get so good at SEO that they build very niche websites targeting particular audiences. This does offer genuine work from home jobs UK where you are literally building an online business – so is not a short-term solution but can grow huge over time.

Some online shops offer what are called affiliate programmes where a blogger who sells their products can earn a commission. The biggest affiliate programme out their is actually Amazon Associates and there are thousands of affiliates out there building websites and earning commissions from Amazon’s huge product catalogue.

However this can take a long time if you don’t already have an audience. You also need to learn a lot to make it successful. Don’t expect this to be quick money as it can take years to build up as reasonable income. But if you’re committed this can have a huge payoff. A popular product review blog in the US called The Wirecutter sold to the New York Times for $30 million.

To make affiliate marketing work you need an audience. Youtube is a great way to do this if you like making videos. But the easiest way is with a blog.

You need to start a website and produce lots of articles around a particular topic. Remember that pest control example about SEO? Well if you didn’t have a pest control shop then you could learn all about pest control and write hundreds of articles about the best pest control products on Amazon. All those articles will hopefully rank in Google and deliver you long-term income that is almost passive, as long as you look after your site.

Become a Virtual Assistant

There are a lot of online businesses out there, many of which are run either by individuals or a small team. Lots of basic tasks need to be done but these individuals are too busy with actually running their business to deal with them.

Virtual assistants – also known as VAs – are simply people who are willing to do a variety of admin tasks for a set rate.

That could be accounting, customer service, data entry, anything a small business needs doing remotely. You can sign up to be a virtual assistant on most of the freelance platforms like, Upwork and Fiverr or find a virtual assistant agency.

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